The Epona - The vision and design of Rainy, a client of mine. Would you like to see your vision of a saddle come to life?
My first saddle I ever built. The Officer, built on the Endurance Tree.
The Epona - After it's final transformation!
The Classic Caliente, this particular saddle found it's forever home in Colorado with one of my Dealers of this saddle who also owns C.H.A.M.P.S. Riding School. Look Cheryl up on Facebook right now and soon her new website!
A Western Lariat Tree with tooling and round skirts. Made especially for a client in Michigan. She wanted a medium brown leather, barbed wire border tooling, with matching flank cinch and breastcollar. Then adorned with purple Sox with Merino Wool.
Created by it's owner. This is a saddle built on the Endurance Tree. With a soft hybrid seat that is roomy sleek while being soft and comfortable. Would you like to see your dream saddle come to life? You can get it started and then we'll talk about what your vision is.
The 17" Minimalist. Built on the Endurance tree. Weighs only 17 lbs!!! comes with sheepskin Minimalist Sox in purple, english leathers and matching composite stirrup irons, keeping the saddle lightweight. Would you like this in a different size?

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One Saddle for All Your Horses

- Do You Have A Hard to Fit Horse?

- Wish you had a saddle that would fit all the horses you ride?

- Frustrated with replacing your saddle every time your horse changes shape?

- We build saddles for most disciplines from endurance to dressage to ranching!

- Custom made to your specifications and styling.

- Your new saddle created specifically for you, with the options you want.