How to Palpate Your Horse

Have you ever been curious about how to palpate your horse? If so, you’re in luck! In this series of videos, Cathy will guide you through the process of performing a full body palpation on your own horse.

Palpating your horse before you ride serves as an essential baseline assessment, allowing you to compare subsequent examinations and identify any changes. Not only does this help you understand how your horse is feeling, but it also strengthens the bond between you and your equine companion.

Over time, saddle fit is often overlooked, even though the horse’s body undergoes changes as they grow and condition. These changes can significantly impact the fit of the saddle. By palpating regularly before and after your rides, you can detect subtle variations. Preventing discomfort or soreness for your horse.

It’s also beneficial to perform a palpation a couple of days after riding. This follow-up examination can reveal any issues that may be caused by your saddle or even your balance in the saddle. Providing valuable insights into your horse’s well-being.

Remember, a horse’s back changes every time it moves a muscle. If a saddle’s rigid tree holds those muscles still, it restricts their full range of motion. Our ultimate goal is to ensure our horses’ comfort. Palpating establishes a baseline by identifying potential problem spots is the first step towards achieving that goal.

So, if you’ve ever wondered how to palpate your horse. Feel free to enjoy the informative videos below and embark on this rewarding journey of understanding and connecting with your horse on a deeper level.

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