Meet the Evolutionary Team

“This is the last saddle you’ll ever want to put on any horse…” I have been proclaiming this statement since the day I acquired this saddle, back when it was known as the Hillview Farms Evolutionary Saddle. From the moment I first rode in it, I became a devoted fan and enthusiastic advocate. Owning this saddle for the past 10 years has only reinforced my belief in its exceptional quality and performance. As I have ridden on many horses of many different shapes for many miles with results that are remarkable.

Just like the memorable commercial catchphrase, “I loved the product so much I bought the business!”

Now, a little about me, Lara, the owner and saddler. My journey began when I started riding my mare Dixie. Dixie, whom I fondly referred to as “my Cadillac,” was a dream to ride for me but proved challenging for anyone else. I initially used a Marathon Saddle, designed for endurance riding. It adequately fit my Standardbreds with their higher withers and narrower shoulders.

However, when I rode Dixie in that saddle, it became clear that it didn’t suit her. She endured constant pinching and discomfort, and I knew I had to find a saddle that would truly fit her.

That’s when I discovered Hillview Farms, the original manufacturer and retailer of the Evolutionary Saddle. Determined to invest in a saddle that would benefit both Dixie and me. I saved up by using my work bonus and a portion of my tax return. I embarked on a journey to Minnesota to meet the saddlers in person and purchase the saddle that held so much promise. It was a long wait until my first ride, as it was still February in Central Wisconsin, where spring arrives late.

Throughout that riding season, I rode as many horses as I could find, subjecting them to their “first ride of the year” with me. I constantly checked for fit, pressure points, and sweat patterns.

The result? An unending series of amazing rides throughout the entire summer. I felt secure and comfortable in the deep, sculpted soft seat of the saddle I had chosen. With two sized girths for different horses, I could ride ponies and horses of various sizes, from skinny to fat. This saddle truly fit them all!

Allow me to introduce the Evolutionary Team! Tracy, my talented Apprentice, responded to my help wanted ad on Facebook, and her arrival felt like discovering a rare gem. She possesses a diverse skill set, including crafting various accessories such as Sox, Breastcollars, Girths, Cinches, and more. Tracy is currently learning the art of saddle-making and has built her first saddle! Check it out!!

Now, let’s meet the two brilliant Sales Affiliates who operate their own small businesses in different areas of the equine industry. First, we have Cheryl Cosyleon from CHAMPS Riding School in Penrose, CO. Cheryl specializes in teaching fundamental riding skills to beginners and focuses on building a strong foundation in horse management for her students. She offers saddles for trial and purchase, and she can also assist you in ordering your custom forever saddle.

Next, hailing from California, we have Lorraine, our newest team member. Lorraine is an equine sports massage therapist, offering various services to ensure her clients’ horses remain healthy, happy, and pain-free. Lorraine had been searching for a saddle like ours for a long time, just as I did for my mare Dixie, whom you can read about below. She also provides saddles for trial and can guide you in ordering your personalized saddle. Lorraine’s business is called Wellspring Animal Therapies.

Those close to me know that I am brutally honest—I don’t sugarcoat my opinions, and I won’t endorse anything that hasn’t proven its worth through my personal experience. That’s precisely why I decided to purchase the business. The Evolutionary Saddle represents the pinnacle of quality, something anyone would be proud to be associated with.

Stay tuned! Exciting changes are on the horizon. I plan to introduce some small modifications to continue to evolve this saddle and all of its accessories. I do this by listening to all of my clients and asking them questions about their experiences. Evolution is always underway, and I invite you to join us on this remarkable journey.