Lease to Own!

Saddles that fit your horses should not be out of reach for those that need them.

That is the inspiration for this new Lease to Own! program here at Evolutionary saddles.

So which saddles are available to Lease to Own!? (This list will be updated as new saddles are made and listed.)

How is Evolutionary Saddles Program Setup

Designed to help budget conscience horse owners and riders obtain a saddle that fits them both for the long term. Starting with a reasonable security deposit/down payment and monthly payment schedule. Which will have the saddle paid off in 16 months.

One thing that will be required to enter into the lease to own program, is an insurance rider for your homeowners or renters insurance for the saddle to protect it from any accidents or acts of God. After discussing other options with my insurance provider, it turned out to be the cheapest option for all involved was the rider on a homeowners policy or renters policy.

I am sure you have a lot of questions and I have addressed some below. If you have more though, don’t be afraid to reach out!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are consignment saddles eligible for Lease to Own!?

Unfortunately, they are not included in this offer. Because they are consignments they are not the property of Evolutionary saddles.

Am I able to order a custom saddle with this option of Lease to Own!?

All custom saddles do come with the 30 day Money Back Guarantee! But, because they are custom cannot be included in the lease to own program.

How long is the Lease to Own!?

Approximately 16 months. So in just over a year you’ll be the sole owner of your Evolutionary Saddle!

What is the average Security Deposit/Down payment?

Deposit amounts are calculated from the invoice total for your saddle. On average the payment is between $350-$450

What kind of payment should I expect?

Monthly payments are determined by the invoice total minus the Security Deposit/ Down payment. On average it is usually between $300-$400.

Insurance required?

To protect us both! Obtaining a rider through your homeowners or renters insurance, just like you would for jewelry or art, will provide peace of mind to us both just incase something happens.

Can I order other things with my saddle and include it with the Lease to Own!?

Yes, I believe that you should be able to hit the trail with all the things you need straight out of the box. So, if you don’t have a breastcollar you can order it and include it in your saddles invoice. If you do a lot of hill and mountains, you may require a crupper. Many get an extra pair of sox so they always have a spare set. If you still have questions please reach out to us.