The Gemini – A Convertible Cutback Saddle

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Introducing the Convertible Cutback Saddle: Unrivaled Comfort and Versatility

Experience unmatched rider security with our low profile saddle, expertly crafted on the Cutback English Tree. Designed for ultimate comfort, the soft seat is meticulously sculpted by hand and layered with upholstery and neoprene foam for optimal coziness.

The unique Cutback pommel empowers riders to lean low and forward during hill climbs or trail navigation under branches. Enjoy a “leg-under” sensation on even the roughest terrain, thanks to the close contact and centered seat design. With a 3-position stirrup hanger, this saddle offers versatile leg positioning, catering to those seeking a balanced feel.

What sets this saddle apart is its convertibility. Effortlessly remove the flaps to reduce weight and bulk beneath the leg. Ideal for Endurance riders, it offers the freedom of a flapless saddle during training or competition, while allowing for the addition of flaps for lessons or other disciplines. Secured by marine snaps, the flaps remain firmly in place while remaining easy to detach when desired.

Instructors can employ this saddle to enhance student comfort while teaching proper riding posture. A part of the Evolutionary line, this saddle is a versatile choice for various horse breeds, from Arabians to Warmbloods and ponies, ensuring a comfortable fit for every equine partner.

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Saddle Specifications

Seat Size: 17.5 –  Not sure what size you’ll need?  Check out our Sizing Chart!

Weight at: 19 lbs. with pad, leathers and hardware all on.

Panel length: 23.77 inches. Designed for up to a 3-inch scapula

Bar Length: 20 inch bar

Saddle color: Black

Seat Type: Smooth Black Cowhide

Seat Style:1 inch Soft-Seat

Cantle: 10″ wide and 2 3/4″ high. Height measured at back of cantle is 2 inches.

Hardware: All Stainless Steel. Pair of breast Ds, two pair footman loops and crupper D.

Rigging: Dropped cross fire with adjustable Stainless Steel sliders and with 14-inch long nylon reinforced one-inch English billets.

Stirrup leather: Top grain 1″ nylon reinforced leathers with sleeves on a three position stirrup hanger bar.


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