Evolutionary Exclusive – Black or Brown Soft Contoured Leather Cinch or Girth



Contoured Leather Girth

Give your mount a soft touch with this soft-sided girth.

These girths have no stretch and are pre-molded to a curve to fit around the horse; the girth is shaped wide (6.5 inches) at the sternum underneath and narrow (2 3/8th) at the horse’s elbows.

Excellent on round-barreled or mutton-withered horses due to this feature of fitting like “little saddles” under the horse, holding a saddle more securely than any other girth.

The contour behind the elbow is excellent for those horses that have a narrow girth area, a large tricep muscle or those that have tremendous extension, especially performance horses. Even “cinchy” horses love this girth.

These girths are complicated to make, but they’re worth the extra effort. First leather skirting is backed with nylon webbing and wet-molded to a curve. Next, neoprene wet-suit foam is placed behind the webbing and folded over the edges of the leather and sewn in place, giving your mount soft sedges that will not dig in.  Then the neoprene is covered with a thin layer of  garment leather and sewn in place.

The stainless buckles (1-inch roller for the English) and the dees are added so a breast strap and flank cinch can be attached.

Finally, beautiful top grain leather (matching your saddle) is sewn on top just short of the finished soft edges.

It’s the ultimate! Even sizes only. Starting from size 18 inch up to 54.     

Evolutionary Saddles Exclusive.

English girths have ROLLER buckles and two Dee’s

(if you need even larger call for pricing)

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18-26 inch, 28-32 inch, 34-38, 40-48 inch


Black, Brown


Western, English


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