Saddle Fitting Philosophy

Saddle fitting is a crucial part of riding that takes into account many variables, from the shape of the horse to the fitness level of both horse and rider. Our philosophy at Evolutionary Saddles, we believe saddle fitting is both an art and a science. Using a combination of knowledge, experience, and the latest technology to create saddles that fit both horse and rider comfortably.

The horse has to carry the live weight of a rider who is as unpredictable as the horse in how they move their bodies.   Then you add the rider’s weight, their fitness level that same saddle could now have severe pressure areas.  Because the saddle itself is positioning the rider poorly due to their physical limitations or structure. 

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy on saddle fitting is rooted in the belief that there are an infinite number of shapes that comprise the horse. The same can be said for the varying shapes and weights of the humans that ride them. All of these factors are critical in saddle fit. A poorly fitted saddle can lead to severe pressure areas. Causing the horse and rider discomfort and pain.

Addressing the Issues

To address these issues, we have designed a saddle that moves and flexes with the horse. Allowing for a more comfortable fit for the horse. We take into account the rider’s build, physical limitations, and comfort, because a comfortable rider can ride better and longer.

When saddle fitting, we start with the rider, ensuring they can sit comfortably, centered, and balanced. We also consider the twist, waist, rise, and cantle height, ensuring the saddle fits appropriately for each rider’s preferences. Then fitting the saddle with the rider in it, making any necessary adjustments to the rigging and placement. Sometimes the use of shims is necessary to balance the saddle appropriately on the horse.

Shims may be necessary in some rare instances, we do not rely on them and use them only when necessary. Understanding that saddle fitting is a combination of art and science. Evolutionary saddles fit a wide range of horses. Which is why we take the time to ensure each saddle is fitted to both horse and rider.

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Saddle fitting is an essential part of riding, and we take it seriously at Evolutionary Saddles. If you want to learn more about the basics of saddle fitting. Pick up our free guide that outlines the steps we take when fitting a horse, rider, and saddle. Sign up for our email list to receive your free guide today.

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