The System X How does it fit?

The System X construction – Why and How does it work?

The appropriate System X panels for each size of tree are built on to fit your horse and distribute the rider’s weight for a lifetime.

The System X panels are made out of a DuPont material called Delrin.  It is a glass product that the inventor liked to call synthetic stone.  The panels are not  plastic or rubber put on inferior trees that make up the familiar 5-7 year replacement saddle industry. 

The Evolutionary Saddle is built using only quality materials sourced as much as I can here in the USA.

Starting with the solid ponderosa pine saddle tree encased in Kevlar® then finished with DURAhide!  Made by The Precision Saddle Tree Company in Yoakum, Texas.

The tree comes with a limited, conditional ten year warranty. Limited and conditional to the normal use of the tree.

As you can see there is the bottom layer with all the fingers cut in it. Making it the base closest to the horse. 

The next layer also has fingers in it in the front with a long tail that leads to the rear second layer that has a couple of fingers in it as well. 

The final layer that is closest to the saddle tree is the smallest and is where the mount from the saddle tree meets the panel and its weight distributing layers. 

This type of layering is progressive and provides the maximum weight redistribution across the entire panel from front to back. 

The System X Panels – All About the Horse

This is a picture showing the panel construction. You can see that it has a multi-layered, balanced structure. This is very important, because only in this way is it possible to distribute the load over the entire surface.

A single-layer panel, as found under other flexible panel saddles, is flexible only in the ends. It looks nice, but it doesn’t distribute the rider’s weight. You ride such saddles – like any other saddle – on the bars of the saddle tree.

If connected with joints, a single-layered panel could even have disastrous effects. The joints could push through and cause uneven loads in certain places. With our saddles, the tree and supporting surface are independent.

One System Working Together

The panel and tree form one unit, yet they are isolated from each other. Meaning the supporting surface on the horse can assume a shape quite different from the shape of the tree.

When placed on the horse’s back then carrying the rider, the panels follow the laws of mechanics and are forced to conform to the horse’s contour.

This will result in flush contact over the entire surface with even pressure distribution.

The front part of the panel is built with slats. This permits an extra soft shoulder rotation.

Even during movement the panels adapt to the constantly changing shape of the horse’s back.

The slats extend as far as the withers area, so horses with extremely wide withers never feel too much pressure on this area.

The second layer of the panel overlaps with the slats from the first layer. Transferring the forces to the subsequent layers.  Also a simultaneous distribution to the center of the panel through the fingers that extend there.

The remaining course, the panel construction guarantees an optimal distribution over the entire surface. Weight distribution takes place in several “stages.”

The special shape of each layer guarantees an optimal weight distribution over the entire panel – even in the middle.

The Saddle Tree – All About the Rider

Having a great panel and mounting system does not assure that a saddle will perform correctly on your horse or mule.

A traditional rigid saddle tree is designed to offer the rider support. At the same time, it attempts to distribute the riders weight evenly over the horses back.

However, in our case, the Evolutionary Saddles’ tree is designed to offer the rider support.  Then are designed to carry the System X panels which provide the even weight distribution over a moving horse’s back.

Having a saddle tree be too thick, too straight or too narrow – not to mention crooked –would not allow the System X to perform properly.

Which is why the saddle’s bars are designed to carry the panels and the panels are designed to fit the horse.

After a very diligent search for repeatable perfection brings me to The Precision Saddle Tree Company.

Using modern technology not previously employed by the saddle tree industry, Precision Saddle Tree Manufacturing delivers quality and uniform trees.

They use only the best materials. Precisely engineered designs and hands-on production ensure quality saddle trees that last a lifetime.

About The Precision in the Precision Saddle Tree. 

Precision Saddle Tree Company uses three-dimensional scanners combined with CAD software to engineer the pieces that are cut on their CNC Machines.

Their equipment allows parts to be produced that are precisely the same each and every time. The right bar is a mirror image of the left bar.

The right side of the swell is identical to the left side. This unmatched precision provides greater strength and the highest level of consistency in the industry.

Saddle trees are made with Ponderosa Pine with a ground seat, then two different tree coverings are applied.

The first covering consists of hand-laid Kevlar® that is wrapped around the horn, swell, bars and cantle and with a clear coat resin.

The second covering is made using a product called DURAhide™, which is sprayed over the Kevlar®.

What is Kevlar®?

Is a heat-resistant para-aramid synthetic fiber with a molecular structure of many inter-chain bonds that make Kevlar® incredibly strong. 

Best known for its use in ballistic body armor, Kevlar® also has many other applications because of its high tensile strength-to-weight ratio.

What is DURAhide™?

DURAhide™ is a polyurea elastomer that is specifically formulated as a high performance coating designed to prevent damage from moisture, corrosion, abrasion, weather and wear. This material is not only an effective sealer, but adds strength to your tree. DURAhide™ carries a tensile strength of 2300-2500 lbs psi @ 75F. DURAhide™) withstands temperatures from minus 50 to plus 350 degrees Fahrenheit.

I inventory a supply of trees for quicker build times!

The Precision Saddle Tree Company is a stable company able to offer the best saddle tree in today’s industry that carries a lifetime warranty.

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