System II – The Next Mounting System

The System II or Mock II Patent (8/15/1991-USA) began in 1990.

The Original Ortho-Flex developed a breakthrough in the existing technology. 

The System II offers a new mounting system for the panels, allowing the panels to conform to all three dimensions of motion dynamics.  Providing an automatic fit, not only in the shoulder rotation, but also along the back.

The rear of the panels are mounted in a track that enables the entire panel to conform to a radical range of back contours.

This addition of the sliding mount at the rear, the panels actually push down and away from the center of the tree.  With the right force that enables the entire panel to conform to a radical range of backs. 

Most importantly, they allow the panels to conform to the horse while the horse is motion, independent of the tree.

The System II, the panels are away from the tree about 1/8″ to 3/8″ on steel rocker spacer mountings.

The Layering

The construction of these panels is 3 layers of Delrin at the mounting.  Each one is successively smaller, creating what is termed as “progressive loading”.

This makes pressure points virtually impossible directly under these rocker spacers.  Mounting the front mounts 4.5 inches back from the front edge of the panel allows for scapula rotation.

In addition to its other advantages, System II can rise or sink with the back.  Then became the flagship system for the Original Ortho-Flex Saddle Co.

After the Buyout

Following the buyout of the Original Ortho-Flex Saddle Company by Saddle Works Saddle Company, they made a change to the mounting.  

The panels are now mounted only 2.25 inches in from the front of edge of the panel.  This stiffens up the panels in the shoulder area inhibiting the shoulder’s range of motion.

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