Systems VI thru VIII


System VI or Mock 6and the later System VIII or Mock 8 by the Ortho-flex Saddle Works Company.

This system took the rivets out of the fingers of the Original Ortho-Flex System III.  Then replaced this design with a flower petal pattern in both the front and sometimes rear of the panel, resembling a 7-leaf clover.

This pattern was first conceived in the Free and Easy saddle and then copied by the Ortho-Flex Saddle Works Company.  Then bought the original Ortho-Flex Saddle Co. and the rights to use the “Ortho-Flex” ® trademark name. 

Len brown did not stop making saddles because he did not believe in the system, he simply lost his company due to poor management.

This design is also added to the rear of the panel, and offered on select saddle models as an upgraded feature.  This design can be used alone in a single layer Delrin or is used conjunction with a multi-layer panel. 

Regardless how many names of “systems” come from this single design is it all the same concept, just sliced up to make it appear as if there is more.


System V American Saddles-Grb (Patent in Germany only 3/9/2001-Europe # EP1292316A2)

Represents another step forward in flexible panel construction. This new construction that improves upon principles seen in its predecessors.  It offers solutions to problems occasionally associated with other systems.

Due to the uniqueness of this system and its high performance, it is currently patented, and copies no other.

Construction was changed in the front of the front of the panel.

The front of the panel is made of three layers, with 15 separate fingers, with no rivets holding them together.

In the first layer, which is mounted 5″ from the front edge of the panel, providing an even softer fit in the shoulder.  This allows complete freedom in the shoulder’s rotation.

This construction extends to the area of the withers so even extremely high and wide withers are afforded complete freedom.

This is covered by the second layer with six fingers, overlapping the first, enabling an automatic and equal distribution of weight along the entire length of the panel.  Including the middle section, preventing the so-called “bridge-fit”.

After that comes a third layer with no fingers. When put together every layer is smaller than the layer before, which is part of the progressive loading from the mount to the panel.

Construction was also changed in the rear.

This design has also three multi-layer construction.  The second layer resembles that of two fingers flowing towards the center of the panel.  This design ensures optimal weight distribution, into and including the middle of the panel.

This special design, using various sizes and thickness of Delrin, has been computer-calculated and curved.  Insuring that this system gives optimal distribution of weight along the entire length of the panel. 

Now even when your horse is in motion, bending and flexing, regardless of your horse’s shoulder width, height, holes and dips behind the shoulder and back. 

You and your horse will be able to move in supreme comfort and freedom. 

The mounts and hardware used are of steel.  The rivets used in the layering of the Delrin sheets are of aluminum. They call their saddle line American-Flex.


System VII (based on System V)

American Saddles continued their quest for perfection. Research tests made possible an addition, of more cuts, feathering in the top area along the spinal processes of the withers, with a more rounded front.

This made it more comfortable for those horses who have extremely high razor withers, and also for horses who have broad and wide withers.

It will even fit those horses with “heart-shaped” backs where you can roll a marble down their spine.

Overwhelming success during 2002 confirmed what computer scans recommended. Horses and riders are thrilled with the panel’s success.


System VIII or Mock 8 

Saddle Works Ortho-Flex combined the single layer System I with the finger cuts of the System III, by cutting short the front of the panel.  All done in order to address the issue of excessive pressure at the mounting points in the saddle. 

This really does not qualify as new system but modifies preexisting ones. 

However, they are calling this combination System VIII, which still requires great care in fitting.  Due to the horses shape, the correct saddle tree is necessary in order to achieve an acceptable fit.

A New Development – The System IX & The System X

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