The Liberty

The Liberty a model of Evolutionary Saddle is constructed very similarly to your traditional saddles, except for the panels.  

In many ways the Evolutionary saddle is easier to construct than all of your traditional saddles, which is what makes it so customizable for the rider.  The panels will fit the horse, so much of the construction is centered around rider comfort.

For instance this saddle has a soft seat with a narrow twist and waist then gradual rise. This is a popular style seat for many women that trail ride. The seat is designed and sculpted to provide a balanced comfortable ride for hours in the saddle.

This saddle was made with a pencil roll or what has been called in the past a regular roll. This style makes the cantle taller and brings with it a secure feeling for the rider. This is a full soft seat that actually shrinks a seat size by about a 1/2″. I have a similar seat style that doesn’t rob the rider of that room in the rear but will still provide a comfortable ride, I call it the Hybrid Soft Seat.

Here is a glimpse into how The Liberty, an Evolutionary Saddle, is constructed!

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