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The Classic Caliente saddle blends modern design with utmost comfort, catering to riders seeking both style and support during lengthy rides. Its 2″ biothane leathers with cam buckle, straight cantle binding, and slick fork contribute to its contemporary appeal, while the deep seat pocket ensures lower back support for extended excursions.

One standout feature is the formed foam thigh rolls, offering a forgiving alternative to traditional hard wooden swells. These rolls provide stability, especially when navigating sudden movements from your horse or mule.

Crafted with a nicely padded soft seat made from upholstery and neoprene foams, it’s meticulously shaped without any stitching lines that might cause discomfort. Versatility is a key trait—suitable for all horse and mule breeds, the Caliente accommodates various back shapes, from long and straight to dippy and short.

Its narrow to moderate twist ensures a comfortable ride, minimizing knee and hip fatigue even during prolonged use. The leathers facilitate smooth, unrestricted movement, reducing the likelihood of legs and feet falling asleep. Meanwhile, the ultra-thin tree and advanced panel design offer a secure seat next to and down on the horse.

Notably, the horn provides added versatility for activities like ponying young stock, strategically positioned to prevent accidental impalement. In essence, the Caliente stands out for its functionality and support. It’s important to note that the only difference between the Caliente and the Liberty saddle lies in their front thigh blocking.

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Saddle Specifications

Seat size: 16 inch  Not sure what size you’ll need?  Check out our Sizing Chart!

Weight: 24 lbs. Without stirrups also saddles may vary +/- 2 pounds through different thickness of leather, hardware and other points during the building-process.

Panel length: 23.77 inches. All designed for up to a 3-inch scapula overlap.

Bar length: 21 for 16 inch seat

Saddle color: Black & Brown Two-tone.

Seat type: Black Upholstery Cowhide, smooth

Seat style: Standard Seat

Blocking: Upper thigh blocking.

Cantle: measured from inside the seat 4 1/2″ high (varies with seat padding) and 13″ wide with straight cantle binding. Height measured at back of cantle is 4 inches.

Leather rosettes: 1 ¼ and 1 3/4 inch.

Hardware: All Stainless Steel. Rings, Ds and Footman loops

Rigging: Dropped cross fire with adjustable Stainless Steel sliders and rings with english billets


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