Merino Wool Custom Saddle Pads

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Custom made, top quality, affordable saddle pad.

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This pad is made up of three layers.

  • The bottom is the washable 1.5 inch Merino lambs wool fleece
  • ½” of medium density foam
  • topped off with a moisture resistant low loop nylon felt

The pad is contoured over the top line of the horse, hinged in the middle with nylon webbing cut back in the front and rear to prevent pinching on the horses’ spine.

The entire pad has rolled nylon edges for a clean, neat and sleek appearance.

The pad comes in black, contoured, 28 inches in length by 35 inches opened wide,

(custom sizes available-how to make a pattern of your saddle

The pad design offered here is exclusive to the Flexible Panel Saddle and will not help correct an ill-fitting saddle.

An Evolutionary Saddles LLC Exclusive.


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