Amy Valley’s Two Year Journey

Two years ago I sent both of my horses to a trainer because they were very jumpy and spooky.

My horse Spartan had bucked me off a time or two and we were struggling with collection on top of my own confidence issues after being bucked off. Two years and two trainers later I learned that my saddle fit was causing much of my issues.

Multiple saddles and fittings later and thousands of dollars in the hole left me in no better situation. In addition to this Spartan was receiving chiropractic and massage to un do the damage that an ill fitting saddle had caused.

That’s when I came to Lara Kronberger at Evolutionary Saddles. Lara took the time to meet me at a local arena and fit the saddle to Spartan and allow us to walk trot canter to our hearts content. She also took video so I could see the difference in my horses gait.

From the very first lap around at a lope I realized that my horse was able to collect himself up because he was no longer in pain and being restricted by an ill-fitting saddle. Lara also took the time to then stop by my barn and fit the saddle to my husband’s horse and allow me to see that it was capable of fitting 2 different shaped horses with minimal adjustments that I could do myself without a fitter.

From that day on my horses that were spooky, unbalanced, and at times unpredictable have become relaxed and calm. I am building back that bond and my own confidence that was lost over the last few years.

My husband is now able to ride his horse and enjoy a relaxing ride once more. As we get older riding becomes more difficult as we struggle with aches and pains in our knees and backs.

My Evolutionary Saddle has allowed me to be comfortable again while riding and not be sore in the inside of my legs for days after only a short ride. It has allowed me to take back my love of riding and be able to truly get out there and have a relaxing ride on my partner. My horse. And let all the stress of every day life fade away.

Spartan has built back muscle where he needs it and is now almost ready to be on only twice a year chiropractic and massage care! Thank you Lara for everything you do and for what you have given back to myself my husband and our horses!

We can never thank you enough! Never give up hope that you can get that connection back with your horse and your passion for riding! I almost did and without Lara I may have lost 2 of the best horses and my love for riding all together! ❤

Please share this story because I know there are others out there who need to hear this!

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