Built on the same tree as the Pleasure Plantation, The Dressage is contemporary yet conservative.

This beautiful saddle features a secure padded soft-seat that uses both upholstery and neoprene foam in the seat that is hand skived and shaped to be anatomically correct.

The deep seat pocket with a nice flat spot enables the experienced rider to give the proper aids to the horse. The high cantle supports the lower back. The narrow to moderate twist and a moderate rise to the seat makes this an excellent dressage saddle.

Unlike other saddles, which fix the rider in one position, the Dressage has a 3-position stirrup hanger that allows for different leg positions. Easy to change your position according to the needs of the horse you are riding.

The flap features the in-flap pocket so that you can adjust, remove and select the kind of blocking for the type of work being done in this saddle.

Not only can you use this saddle in show, but this well-balanced Dressage saddle makes an excellent trail saddle as well.  Remember that any hardware you add to your saddle is NOT allowable in the show ring. So check with your association’s regulations as to what and is not permissible for the level of dressage you will be competing in.

Customize YOUR New Dressage Saddle!


Saddle Specifications

Seat Size: 16.5, 17.5 and 18.5  Not sure what size you'll need?  Check out our Sizing Chart!

Weight at: 18 lbs., 19 lbs. and 20 lbs. with pad, leathers and hardware all on.

Panel length: 22.7, 23.77 and 24.77 inches. All designed for up to a 3-inch scapula

Bar Length: 19, 20 and 21 inch

Saddle color: Black, Brown or two-tone

Seat Type: Smooth Black or Brown Upholstery Cowhide

Seat Style: 1 inch Soft-Seat

Blocking: In flap pocket containing one pair of removable show blocking

Cantle: 12" wide and 3 1/2 " high. Height measured at back of cantle is 2 3/4 inches. 

Hardware: All Stainless Steel. Pair of breast Ds.

Rigging: Adjustable dropped cross fire nylon rigging with nylon reinforced one-inch English billets.

Stirrup leather: Top grain 1" nylon reinforced leathers with sleeves on a three position stirrup hanger bar

Saddle pad: Saddle Sox in brown or black Cordura or quilted contoured or square white or black cloth backed with black or white synthetic fleece.

Girth Options: Standard girth/cinch is Neoprene in either grippie or smooth.  OR upgrade to the Leather Soft Contour Girth/Cinch!  Not sure what size you'll need?  Check out our Sizing Chart!

Bickmore Bick'sLeather Care Kit

The Dressage Custom Saddle Base Price - $4,999


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