Merino Wool Corrective Saddle Pads



This top quality, affordable corrective saddle pad helps fit a saddle properly.

Is vented along the spine to make it easy to pull up and allows for superior air flow.

It is less than a half-inch thick making it perfect for all panel saddles yet comfortable enough for other saddles as well.

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The pad is comprised of three layers

  • the bottom layer next to the horse is 1.5 inches of washable Merino lambs wool fleece,
  • then a layer of wool felt,
  • topped off with either cordura or fabric of choice with a wear strip along the bottom edge protecting the pad from a saddles rigging.
  • All have a pocket for placing shims so they stay where you put them and are easily added and removed.

The pad is cut contoured to follow the back and top line of the horse and is  vented and hinged in the middle with nylon webbing that is cut back on both ends making it easier to pull up into the saddles gullet without pinching the horses spine.

The full-length pocket is easy to open from the bottom, making it possible to put shims in wherever you need them, customizing the fit for your horse’s needs.

This pad measures 28 or 32 inches long and 15 inches deep (32 opened up).

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The pad design offered here is exclusive to Evolutionary Saddles LLC.


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