Picket Line Tightener

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This “tight rope” is the ONLY way to tighten up your sagging picket/high line. It is so easy and yet ingenious (we were the inventor’s inspiration for this gizmo, after he saw us struggling with our self-tightening knots).

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40% OFF!

You may think about making one yourself but for the price offered… forget it.  Just order one, you will never be sorry.

Be ready for the horse camping season!

How to use:

  • Put your rope up and make it as tight as you can by hand.
  • Position the two knobs of the tightener so that the rope runs between them.
  • Firmly hold the tightener and begin to walk-twisting the tightener so that the rope twists around the knobs of the tightener.
  • When very tight, latch the clip on the line.

*Safety Tip* When horse camping, space your leads 20 to 24 feet apart, giving each animal an area that is 10 to 12 feet. Set the length of the animals lead long enough where they can lie down. Make sure that he is 8 to 10 feet away from any vehicle, trailer or trees.

The Picket Line Tightener in Action!!


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