The New Workshop Interior – A Work in Progress

I was lucky to have been able to contract out the interior finishing of the new workshop, not sure what I'd have on the walls or ceiling.  I just knew it needed to be economical and it had to look presentable to customers.

As they were working I was able to get some pictures of their progress. 

Being efficient workers I had to make multiple trips out there to get a few pictures.  Since they were only here one and a half days.

I received the call from Melvin at M&M Builders out of Spencer, WI.  It was time to go get some insulation and materials over to my house to begin work on Monday afternoon.

We loaded up his trailer with materials and picked up the insulation on the way.  Dropped it all off at my farm so they could hit the ground running when I picked them up on Tuesday morning.

Hit the ground running they did!  In the first few hours the whole place was feeling cozier with the insulation. 

Along with the insulation being installed there was a good start on the wall covering before lunch!


I know there will be some of you wondering what I am going to do with the floor.  You'll have to check back to see what I come up with.  It is still in the planning stages as I finalize the layout. 

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