What is a Saddle Worth to You?

What is a saddle worth to me...

As a consumer I have given this a lot of thought.

Having spent thousands on saddles over my lifetime, only to be on the hunt again when the horses I rode changed or their shape changed.

Almost 15 years ago I went on the search for the perfect saddle, one saddle to fit every horse I rode and fit me too.

Dixie - The Mare that Sent Me on My Quest

I monitored the soreness in Dixie's back, knowing it was being caused by the saddles I had been using. 

As I found better fitting saddles to borrow, I was never able to eliminate her discomfort.

Watching patches of white hair grow larger and larger wasn't what I wanted either.

At the time there were no equine chiropractors in my area so I was saved the expense of that.  Something I know many riders have access to and spend a great deal of money on to maintain their equines.

The massage I performed only provided temporary relief, since the saddle just brought back all the pain and knots I'd just worked out.

The Discovery

In my journey to find this elusive saddle I discovered that many if not most manufacturers of saddles and saddlers do not ride horses at all.

Personally I had never thought about it, the significance did not escape me.

That was when I stumbled upon Hill View Farms, the retailer back then for The Evolutionary Saddle. This saddler rode in her saddle on her horses.

This was the turning point for me which determined that this was the long sought after saddle for my mare, Dixie.

I studied this saddle for five long years as I saved up money to purchase one of these remarkable saddles for myself.

The Purchase

The day came when I had enough money and was able to travel the 4 1/2 hours to Hill View Farms to select my new saddle.  They had a line of pre-made saddles that were on sale at the time. 

So with just enough money to cover the saddle and fittings I wanted with it, I made the journey.

I spent over $3000 that day in 2014. Some of you are now undergoing sticker shock, as I did when I first saw that price.

After testing the saddle myself.  On every horse anyone would let me ride.  I realized the real value of the saddle and it well exceeded what I paid for it.


The demeanor of my mare Dixie was like a night and day improvement. Not only was I comfortable, but I felt so secure in the saddle.

I had obviously been riding in saddles that didn't fit me or my horse well at all.

When I think about the all the money I could have spent on just maintaining her comfort only to cause her pain over and over. 

I would spend all that money and more!  Just to provide this kind of long term relief again for the best trail horse I have ever had the pleasure to own and ride.

After all our horses are our partners when we ride them. Our goals are to forge a deeper and more connected relationship with our horses.  Leading to their improved performance due to the freedom of movement and fit.

To not consider our horse's comfort when selecting a saddle in some countries is against their laws.

Let's talk about your special horse and what the two of you need!

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