Ever Wondered How to Palpate Your Horse?

Ever wondered how to palpate your horse?

In this series of videos Cathy Tauer of Hill View Farms, shows you how to perform a full body palpation on your own horse.

Palpating your horse before you ride will provide you with a baseline, so that subsequent exams will have something to compare any changes with. 

In addition, to finding out how your horse is feeling, this is also a great way to bond with your horse.

Saddle fit is often overlooked over time even though the horse's body changes as they grow and condition.  This will also change the fit of the saddle.

To find these subtle changes and prevent soreness, palpating regularly before and after you ride. 

Then couple of days after the ride palpate again, this will help reveal any issues that your saddle or even your balance in your saddle may be causing for your horse.

A horse's back changes every single time it moves a muscle.  A rigid tree holds those muscles still, preventing full range of motion.

We want our horses to be comfortable, the first step in accomplishing that goal is to get a baseline as to where there could be problem spots.

So if you ever wondered how to palpate your horse, please enjoy the videos below.

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