A modern replica of the original McClellan, this saddle was used by the US Civil War horse-drawn artillery units. In fact, there is a still active unit located in New Ulm, MN and was established in 1863 for the city of New Ulm.

The original McClellan saddle, developed for men during the 1800's who averaged in height of 5.5 to 5.7 and weighed 116 to 123 lbs.  They rode horses that were extremely narrow with razor type withers, very much like the thoroughbred track horses of today.

This original equipment can obviously hurt a horse and cause him to perform badly. This modern version of the McClellan Battery saddle has two very important distinctions from the original, it’s comfortable for you and it won’t cause the pressure points that hurt your horse.

The substantial width dish in the seat makes it extremely comfortable for long hours of riding at any gait. The slightly narrowed rise helps keep you in the pocket of the seat for all day riding.

The stirrup straps are adjustable for more security during fast stops. The whole package makes riding glorious. The ability to tie gear front and rear is legendary.

Customize YOUR McClellan Battery Saddle!


Saddle Specifications

Seat Size: 15, 16 and 17  Not sure what size you'll need?  Check out our Sizing Chart!

Weight: 19, 20 and 21 lbs.

Panel length: 22.7, 23.77 and 24.77 inches. All designed for up to a 3-inch scapula overlap.

Bar length: 20, 21 and 22 for 15, 16 and 17 inch seats

Saddle color: Black, brown or two tone

Seat Type: Smooth Black or Brown Upholstery Cowhide

Seat Style: 1 inch Soft-Seat or the standard ½ inch smooth neoprene padding. 

Blocking: N/A

Fenders: Slide fenders.

Fork: Slick and 4 inches high, measured from base seat..

Horn: N/A

Cantle: 5 inches tall and 11.5 inches wide. Height measured at back of cantle is 3 inches. Depth of Seat

Embossments: Yes, on seat flap - US

Hardware: Brass in the traditional time period or Stainless Steel.

Additional hardware? Specify quantity and where to place.

Rigging: Dropped cross fire with adjustable Stainless Steel sliders and with 14-inch long nylon reinforced one-inch English billets.

Stirrup hanger bar: 3-position for a 1-inch leather or 2 inch biothane strap.

Stirrup leather: Top grain 1" nylon reinforced leathers with sleeves on a three position stirrup hanger bar.

Saddle pad: Saddle sox - synthetic in brown or black Cordura with black or white fleece.

Girth Options: Standard girth/cinch is Neoprene in either grippie or smooth.  OR upgrade to the Leather Soft Contour Girth/Cinch!  Not sure what size you'll need?  Check out our Sizing Chart!

Bickmore Bick's Leather Care Kit

The McClellan Battery Custom Saddle Base Price - $4,999

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