The Horse Industry, Social Media & Olive Oil

The Horse Industry - Never a Dull Moment

There is something really special about the horse industry that reminds me of the industry I left when I bought this business and continued the legacy that is the Evolutionary Saddle.  

Like the IT world I left behind, there's always something new to learn and new things to investigate.  From saddles and tack to the care and maintenance of our precious companions.

There isn't a horse person out there that can honestly say they know everything there is to know about horses and their chosen discipline.  That is the beauty of this industry and being around horses.

Social Media - A place to gather new information after you sift through the rest.

Recently I encountered a few trolls on social media.  There was some great conversation going on I learned a few new things despite the naysayers!

I'll admit it took me a minute to look past their shenanigans and read just the content that was worth reading.

What I learned was invaluable and the subject of this post. It caused me to rethink where I get some of my supplies from which I am grateful for. As I only want to produce quality items quality customers I work with every day.

I am sure you're about ready to slap me and say, "just tell me already what the conversation was about!"  

The Topic

What to oil to use when oiling a saddle? It is a preference and what the space is like that you store your leather goods. 

As many of you know there are a 1000 products out there to clean, oil and condition a saddle. 

This does not make any one of them best or worst, for the climates where each equestrian lives and keeps their leather tack can and will vary.  Causing some products to work better in those places than they would in another. 

I personally use olive oil to oil my saddles, for three reasons, it works well for me in my climate, it doesn't darken leather like neatsfoot oil does and it came highly recommended by other saddlers.  

This doesn't mean that mink oil wouldn't work too or that I couldn't use neatsfoot oil, it is just my preference, for now.  That may change as I learn more, have more experiences and listen to my customers. 

Keep Learning

This is what I enjoy most about the equestrian world, never a shortage of new things to learn and experience. 

This fall I'll be hosting a saddle cleaning and care day clinic.  For those of you too far away to participate in person I am planning on providing a virtual option!

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