Saddles for Sale!

Saddles For Sale!!!

There are both brand new saddles as well as consignment saddles available!

If you have any questions about any of the saddles listed on this page Contact me!!

  • The Unflappable

    The Unflappable

    Built on the same tree as the Pleasure Plantation, The Unflappable is contemporary yet conservative. This beautiful saddle features a…

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  • Original Len Brown Orthoflex Classic Caliente

    Original Len Brown Orthoflex Classic Cal

    This Original Len Brown Orthoflex Saddle is in excellent condition.  Recently cleaned and gone over for safety. Has had it's…

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  • The Minimalist – 15 inch

    The Minimalist – 15 inch

    The Minimalist - A flapless, lightweight Evolutionary endurance saddle. Weighing in at 16-17 lbs, depending on seat size, The Minimalist…

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  • Western Endurance – Slender Fenders!

    Western Endurance – Slender Fender

    Built on the same tree used in the Freedom-Express and the Officer, The Western Endurance is the western version built…

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  • Orthoflex Eldorado – Upgraded Panels!

    Orthoflex Eldorado – Upgraded Pane

    This Orthoflex Eldorado has had it panels upgraded with the System X panels that move, flex and redistribute weight like the…

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  • Orthoflex Officer – Upgraded Panels!

    Orthoflex Officer – Upgraded Panel

    This Orthoflex officer is on a little wider tree so for the very tall withered and very wide, this saddle…

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  • Pleasure Plantation – Showroom model

    Pleasure Plantation – Showroom mod

    Built on the Dressage Tree, The Pleasure Plantation is just as comfortable as it looks. The Pleasure Plantation may look…

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  • The Western Lariat

    The Western Lariat

    A classic western saddle featuring a low reining style fork with moderate under cut swells that is topped off with…

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  • The Breakout

    The Breakout

    This saddle is built on the same tree as the Working Trail. The slightly forward horn makes this an ideal…

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