The Western Saddle Parts

The Western Saddle comes with different parts, configurations and styles.  Below I have pictured only two and you can see the differences in them.  Some things are the same and some are quite different.

One thing I have noticed is many do not know the parts of their saddle, they know how to use their saddles but discussing the parts is another story.  Which is what inspired me to present the parts of the Western Saddle. 

As you can see in the images below that there are a great deal of similarities between the saddles, the horn is on both, swells, seat, rise and waist. It is when you start looking at how some items are shaped and some are completely different or missing entirely. 

With the Evolutionary Saddle these differences have their purposes for the styles of riding that those saddles cater to.  As pretty as they are, saddles shape are as much about function as they are about beauty. 

For instance, look at the horns of these two saddles. one is longer then the other.  Better suited for roping and using it for work.  The other, it is shorter, and while functional, is designed more for the trail rider or barrel racer.  


The Western Saddle The Western SaddleHave questions about the Western Saddle's parts? I'd love to hear from you to talk about it!

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