Another Saddle’s Parts – English Saddle Parts

Another Saddle's Parts

Last week I presented the Western saddle and its parts.  This week English saddle parts are the topic.

While many of the parts are the same, there are some that are different or completely missing from the English saddle in comparison to the Western saddle.

Looking at the image below, you can see the main difference is the lack of a horn and fenders.  Instead they have a pommel and stirrup leathers with irons.

A cinch is used on a western saddle with a latigo and off billet.  The English saddle has billets, used with a girth that has two buckles paired on each end.

The English saddle is lightweight and the tree is designed with the points of the tree up and out of the way of the shoulder.  This allows for more shoulder movement than a Western tree's bars even when flared excessively.

Take some time to look over the image below with three Evolutionary saddles doing the modeling for the diagrams.

English Saddle Parts

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