Why is an Evolutionary Saddle a worth purchasing?

As consumers ourselves, we at Evolutionary Saddles LLC have purchased equipment from manufacturers, suppliers and saddle builders who make products for horses but do not OWN, RIDE or even FIT horses or mules – oftentimes with poor results.

We find the people we can rely on to deliver good products are the ones who have worked hard and take pride in providing equipment made or designed by people who own, fit and RIDE the equine.

Now, at last, we at Evolutionary Saddles LLC have the opportunity to take complete charge of making these incredible saddles from start to finish.

We are directly involved in every step of production and produce the best product built to OUR (and in particular, Cathy Tauer’s and Lara Kronberger's ) specifications. You can be assured when purchasing our saddles and tack, that you are purchasing from horse people who are just like you.

All of those who are directly involved with providing the Evolutionary Saddles LLC brand of products, have raised the bar for other manufactures to follow.

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