Is the System X saddle just a “knock – off” of other flex panel saddles?

No, it is not a knock-off. This is an entirely new system and is not anything like the other flexible Delrin panel saddles. 

True, this new system design is based on an older original idea and true, this system uses Delrin in the building process, but the way the Delrin is cut, shaped, layered and assembled using advanced technology puts this panel in a class of it’s own. 

To get into this classification, stainless steel/nickel rivets are used to hold the various layers of Delrin together thus creating the unique progressive loading for weight distribution.

Both the backing and the padding layers are cut to match all of the finger cuts in the Delrin panel – allowing for complete panel performance. 

The slide plate, as well as the washer are of stainless steel eliminating any rusting issues in the future, with the insert of steel allowing it to rust ever so perfectly securing a strong hold within the saddle tree.

This combination of materials attached to a specifically designed saddle tree for the best panel function, is what makes this system so easy to use and maintain and, in fact, makes it so different it is in a class of its own.

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