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Riding Comfortably – For Rider and Horse

Riding in Comfort After years of riding, most riders start to dream of riding in comfort and without pain. I get calls every day from various people wanting to know various things about the saddles.  Starting with questions of how it will fit their horse then many times, looking for something that fits them better…
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The Rider’s Ideal Saddle

Considering the Rider The steps in finding a saddle that fits both you and your horse will be unique to you. Results are usually the same, a saddle that almost fits you both.  With the Evolutionary Saddle, we've considered the horse and with that, the rider's ideal saddle too. I talk a lot about fitting…
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What is a Saddle Worth to You?

What is a saddle worth to me... As a consumer I have given this a lot of thought. Having spent thousands on saddles over my lifetime, only to be on the hunt again when the horses I rode changed or their shape changed. Almost 15 years ago I went on the search for the perfect…
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