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Where is the Flexible Panel Saddle Today?

Companies that out of business or re-marketing There have been a lot of changes in the flexible panel saddle industry in the past 40+ years. Here is a brief synopsis of what has happened and where things stand today.  2012 - The Status of the Flexible panel saddle makers Rocking R, Watson Brothers Saddles, Ozark…
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Another Saddle’s Parts – English Saddle Parts

Another Saddle's Parts Last week I presented the Western saddle and its parts.  This week English saddle parts are the topic. While many of the parts are the same, there are some that are different or completely missing from the English saddle in comparison to the Western saddle. Looking at the image below, you can…
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The Western Saddle Parts

The Western Saddle comes with different parts, configurations and styles.  Below I have pictured only two and you can see the differences in them.  Some things are the same and some are quite different. One thing I have noticed is many do not know the parts of their saddle, they know how to use their…
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