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"This is the last saddle you'll ever want to put on any horse..."

I have been saying this since I first purchased this saddle, when it was known as the Hill View Farms Saddle.

I was a fan and promoter from my first ride in the saddle since my first year of owning this saddle.  Like the old commercial used to say "I love the product so much I bought the business!

My journey started when I started riding my mare Dixie. 

Dixie is what I call "my Cadillac", it's fitting, while she is a dream for me to ride, she will test everyone else that rides her making her not much of a Cadillac for anyone else.

I started riding her in my regular saddle, which at the time was a Marathon Saddle, an endurance type of saddle.   It had fit my Standardbreds adequately with their higher withers and narrower shoulders.  

Forced to look for alternatives I borrowed a western saddle from a friend.  It was better but it still didn't fit her.  You could tell it pinched and poked her in ways that she was having to tolerate continuously. 

So began the search for a saddle that was worth investing money into that would fit my mare.   

That was when I found Hill View Farms.

I waited until I could afford the saddle, took my bonus from work and some of my tax return.  Then I trekked to Minnesota to meet the saddlers and purchase the saddle that was going to help both Dixie and I. 

It was February and here in Central Wisconsin, Spring doesn't always start early.  Those couple of months I had to wait for my first ride were excruciating. 

That whole riding season I rode on as many horses as I could find, putting a lot of 'first ride of the year' rides on many friends more spunky horses.  I was constantly checking for fit, pressure, and sweat patterns.  

This resulted in me being amazed over and over all summer long.  One fabulous ride after another.  I felt secure, in the deep sculpted soft seat Officer I had chosen. 

Since I had two sized girths for the horses I had, it made it so I was able to ride ponies and horses, skinny and fat. 

This saddle fit them all! 

Those that are close to me know that I am brutally honest, I pull no punches and I will not endorse anything that has not proven itself to me through my use.  

This is why I purchased the business, The Evolutionary Saddle is the high quality that anyone would be proud to be a part of. 

Stay tuned!!  An evolution is coming! I hope to introduce the first small changes that I will be making later this year!  The changes I will be making will help make the saddles easier to maintain.

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My Promise to You and Your Horse


30 Day Money Back Guarantee.

The Evolutionary Saddle comes with a Warranty like no other in the industry for our standards saddles.

I will try to make your saddle dreams come true!

Check out the gallery to see the unique saddles that have been created on the six base trees that I carry to build on.

I will always consider the horse.

My dedication to considering the horse when building this saddle is the foundation of this saddle. Supporting the tree that carries you, the rider.

Our Mission


To build the highest quality saddle that will be the last saddle you'll ever want to put on any horse. 

To educate as many riders and trainers that there is a better saddle out there. 

To show there isn't any reason to purchase and keep a large number of saddles to fit one or a variety of horses.   

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