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Making The Liberty

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The Liberty a model of Evolutionary Saddle is constructed very similarly to your traditional saddles, except for the panels.  

In many ways the Evolutionary saddle is easier to construct than all of your traditional saddles, which is what makes it so customizable for the rider.  The panels will fit the horse, so much of the construction is centered around rider comfort.

Here is a glimpse into how an Evolutionary Saddle is constructed!

Breastcollars – Don’t ride off without one!

Breastcollars - Don't Ride off without one! I’ve learned this lesson the hard way not once, but twice. Growing up learning English riding techniques I never used a breastcollar, let alone consider using one since all I did was flatwork.  My first slap in the face story starts with a horse, a western saddle and…
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Cricket Plus One Abscessed Hoof Equals Colic?

Colic, what does it really mean and what are the causes? Again, I am inspired by recent events, this time with my friend and riding buddy, Sandy. If you follow me on Facebook you can see that there was a recent event that took Cricket, Sandy and myself to Athens Veterinary Service and University of…
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