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Your Custom Evolutionary Saddle – A Personal Experience

Typically….  Purchasing a saddle that fits both your horse and you can be a long journey.  Filled with disappointing and joyous experiences sometimes together for some of the saddles.  It’ll fit your horse great but when you ride for more than an hour you are in such pain that you can hardly dismount.  This is…
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My Must Haves for Camping

Camping Must Haves There are a ton of articles out there that talk about all the things you must have while camping to make your time safer, more enjoyable or more convenient.  My list is short but comprehensive just what you need to remind yourself that this is about having fun with your horse.  Prevent…
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Puddles – Bottomless Pits?

Puddles - I finally understand why horses see them as bottomless pits! The road trip… So let’s set the scene, an ATV trail being called a road on Google Maps.  Fully loaded 2012 Subaru Outback with one of those hitch racks to carry a cooler.  Two capable women and one large dog loaded for a…
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Making The Liberty

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  • 20220330_002102_0014

The Liberty a model of Evolutionary Saddle is constructed very similarly to your traditional saddles, except for the panels.  

In many ways the Evolutionary saddle is easier to construct than all of your traditional saddles, which is what makes it so customizable for the rider.  The panels will fit the horse, so much of the construction is centered around rider comfort.

Here is a glimpse into how an Evolutionary Saddle is constructed!